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    Unsere Ausstellungsrume sind Dienstag bis Sonntag von 12.00 18.00 Uhr geffnet. 35 Personen gleichzeitig drfen unsere Ausstellung besuchen. Wir bitten zu beachten, dass das Tragen ein FFP2 Maske notwendig ist.

    "Well, I'm different from you," said Shorty. "I own up that I'm awfully fond o' a game o' hocuspocus with the rebels, and tryin' to see which kin thimble-rig the other. It's mighty excitin' gamblin' when your own head's the stake, an' beats poker an' faro all holler. But I want the women ruled out o' the game. Never saw a game yit that a woman wouldn't spile if she got her finger in."Weitere Informationen zu den aktuellen Corona-Regelungen finden Sie auf: www.regensburg.de/aktuelles/coronavirus/corona-regelungen

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